Getting way too excited about Psychology.

I am currently studying AS level psychology, my second exam is on Monday and to be honest I am finding it incredibly difficult to remember things. So, in order to desperately try and remember as much as possible, I’ve decided to have one of my ‘oh so famous’ Ravenclaw moments and nerd the f*** out.

So first of all;

What is Psychology?

Well, psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. It stems from philosophy.

Philosophical Roots

For example, remember that famous quote,

‘I think therefore I am’ ?

That was said by famous philosopher Rene Descartes who suggested that the mind and body are independent from each other. Cartesian Dualism. Although this view is no longer widely accepted it did suggest that the mind could be an object of study in it’s own right.

This brings us to John Locke who came up with the idea that all experience can be obtained through the senses. This was referred to as empiricism, meaning that human beings inherit neither knowledge nor instincts. This eventually formed the building blocks for the approach to studying psychology that we know as ‘the behaviourist approach’.


The first systematic attempt at studying the mind was done by Wundt in Germany 1879. It was called introspection. Wundt and his team attempted to study the mind by recording their own conscious thoughts and aiming to break them down in to basic structures of thoughts, images and sensations. Wundt’s use of highly controlled methods and techniques allowed the introspections to be largely replicable. Therefore Wundt’s introspection was important because it marked the separation of psychology as a science from its more philosophical roots.


So there you go, you have just experienced one of today’s typical Ravenclaw moments.

I am so sorry.

If you have any questions please please ask, it only aids my revision. ❤


JustJodie for Beginners


This is me. I am 17 years old and I love writing and reading and acting and creativity in general. Creativity is what makes me happy. It has always made me happy.

Without the ability to create  and share my ideas with people I think I’d feel extremely claustrophobic in life. Yes, claustrophobic, you would too if you lived in my brain. That is why I have started this blog, I need a new outlet, one that I can dictate myself.

So here are a few of my meandering thoughts:

  1. The freedom to be innovative and unique is something that I value immensely. Without it, all of the world’s most amazing creations wouldn’t exist. No one would have any ideas, so no one would ever make a difference. Simple things like transport, money and education, wouldn’t even be a possibility, let alone the internet to allow us to share our creativity like we do. No one could ever say anything that challenged social norms so things like the slave trade would never have been abolished. Racism would be even more prominent if no one had had the means be innovative and think otherwise. Important laws like the freedom to marry if you are LGBTQ+, or even just the freedom for you be with who you love, would not exist. The world in which we live in today would be a terrible place and there wouldn’t even be anywhere to escape! I could not cope without fictional worlds to explore either in books or on-screen.
  2.  Cats are special! I have 3, Fergus, Kitkat and Cookie. Over the years I have also had, Milo, Twinkle, Holly and Lily. That’s 7 cats in 17 years, I think it’s pretty impressive myself. I’m proud of my love of cats, most people think that being christened a ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ by society is a bad thing, but not me. The Ancient Egyptians worshipped Felis silvestris catus (cats). They believed that cats were sacred and even had a cat goddess called Bastet who represented protection, joy, music and motherhood. So why would a love of cats be a bad thing? Surely it shows you to be a caring and joyful person, right?
  3. I am a helper. An advice giver. A listener. A put others before my self(er). I have a hard time thinking about my own well being if someone else’s is at stake. So much so that people actually get angry with me for it, but I can’t help it. My priority is very often not my own life. It is my sister’s life, my brother’s life, my family’s lives, my friends’ lives and even, you guessed it, my cats lives. But hey, I’m working on it.

So there is a small intoduction to me and my brain, I could have gone on a lot longer but I have plans for future posts that would have been redundant had I continued.

I hope you enjoyed the first post from Confessions of an Anxiety Ridden Ravenclaw ❤